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In order to confirm your reservation, we need your credit card number and expiration date. We require a $100 deposit on 18' Privateer and a $200 deposit on all larger boats. If you prefer, you may fax this information to us at 242-367-2516 or call us at 242-367-2513.
Please give us your preferences on the type of boat you would like to rent. We will attempt to provide you with your first choice, but if that boat is unavailable on the dates you request, we will provide you with your second or third choice. The type of boat you have reserved will be shown on your confirmation.
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We would like to know your local address so we can make sure you will have the necessary docking facilities for your boat. Unfortunately, we do not rent out boats to Green Turtle Cay or Treasure Cay, we cannot service these areas as they are too far from our base (25 miles). Note: Whenever you travel to these areas our insurance coverage does not apply. These areas can be visited by rental car.
We require your arrival date, time, and pick up/drop off location so that we can help you have a smooth transition from the airport to your accommodations. Our pick up/drop off times work just exactly like a hotel reservation. You reserve the boat for a certain day and this is a commitment. We are a little more flexible than a hotel in that we have 2 different “check in/out times”. These times are, for check in: 9AM or NOON and for checkout NOON or 4pm, or a combination. So say, you want to pick up on Monday at 9am and drop off the next day at noon this would be considered 1.5 days. Remember, just like a hotel, we are holding your boat for you based on the “check in” time you ask for. If you reserve for a 9am check in and do not pick up the boat until 11:45am you are still liable for the entire morning’s rental. We are a small company (no Avis or Hertz here) and we ask you to understand that we do not overbook. The dates and times we agree upon at the time of confirmation can only be changed by writing us 4 weeks ahead of the arrival date. You can change your pick up/drop off location however, by calling us 48 hours before arrival. If you have questions about the amount of time it takes to get from the airport to the islands; or which location might work best for you please call us.
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